How to Make Greek Yogurt

When I started following Trim Healthy Mama, the amount of greek yogurt I ate quickly grew. Its a quick and easy source of protein. However after paying $5+ for a quart my wallet started to hurt and experimented with making my own. Many versions later I have developed a system that works consistently for me and yields wonderful creamy and delicious results.

Will Need:
  • A gallon of milk
  • 1/2-2/3 cup of plain yogurt
  • Candy thermometer
  • Stock pot large enough to hold the milk
  • Colander¬†and bowl that fits underneath
  • Flour sack dish towels
How To:
  1. Pour the entire gallon of milk into the stockpot and place the candy thermometer on the edge.
  2. Heat on very low/low for 1-2 hours. Make sure that its low enough not to burn the bottom of the pan. You are looking for the milk to reach 180 degrees.
  3. Pull off the hot burner and let cool to 110/115 degrees.
  4. Stir in plain yogurt. Cover with lid and place in oven with light turned on.
  5. Leave for 10-14 hours. (No touching! Don’t open the oven door. I find it best to do overnight)
  6. Place colander over bowl and line with flour sack dish clothes. Pour yogurt into colander. Do not scrap the bottom, you loose a little bit of yogurt but it prevents weird bits of scorched milk in your yogurt. Place in refrigerator.
  7. Strain for 4-6 hours until yogurt looks/feels like thick greek yogurt.

Tips and Notes:

  • The higher fat content in the milk the more yogurt you will yield and the creamier it will be. Many versions I have seen use whole milk for this reason. I personally use 1% as to have a creamy taste but keep the fat content at a minimum. One gallon of 1% milk makes 1.5-2 quarts of greek yogurt for me.
  • I start the milk heating in the evening and place it in the oven before going to bed. It sits overnight and sometimes to lunch (depends on how busy the morning is). Yogurt is strained until lunch or when we get back from work.
  • This does produce plain yogurt, however we find this best for our family so that we can use different sweeteners depending on the person.
  • I found flour sack dish clothes at Target but they are widely available. I tried many version of clothes to strain the yogurt and this is by far the best. Don’t use cheesecloth, you loose lots of yogurt and its crazy to clean (had to throw mine out).

Peppermint Coffee

With the change in weather I have been craving all things peppermint. However with following THM, Starbucks’ peppermint mochas are out of the questions and they have never been friendly to my pocketbook. Thus I have created this delicious peppermint coffee that has been a nearly daily staple.¬†Please note, this is more like a peppermint coffee/latte since it doesn’t have any chocolate but you try adding cocoa powder.

This recipe was adapted from the THM Winter Wonderland sip



I use the single serve cups for my Ninja blender but any blender will do. Be careful with blending hot liquids. I have found it easiest to combine the dry ingredients in a blender and liquids into a mug. Blend and enjoy!

Meal Plan July 20-26

9Monday¬†–¬†Shepherd’s Pie¬†(S)

Tuesday –¬†Quinoa with sauteed vegetables and chicken (E)

Wednesday – BBQ with friends. We are bringing hamburgers (S)

Thursday –¬†Loco Moco¬†(Crossover)

Friday – Eat Out/ Date Night

Saturday –¬†Baked Parmesan Chicken with broccoli (S)

Sunday – Snacks (popcorn, yogurt, fruit) or leftovers

What are you eating this week? Comment with your favorite recipes.

An Introduction to THM

I love to cook and bake and share food with others. In the last several months I have challenged and changed my foundations regarding food. I eat following the Trim Healthy Mama “diet” this is no longer weight loss focused for me but I wanted to give some background and basics before any additional post regarding THM

I have been eating on the Trim Healthy Mama eating plan for four months now. Unlike many I’m not a mama but¬†¬†I stumbled onto the plan through a friend.

April of 2014¬†my husband and I got married. What no one tells you is that when you live with someone your eating habits will change and its very easy to gain weight. My husband is a meat and potatoes farm boy who can eat three times my portion and still be hungry. When we got married I started to cook more of his favorite meals. They were delicious but between not exercising regularity and me not being used to eating that way it didn’t work so well for my waistline. Between July and December I semi-unknowningly gained 30 pounds. On my 5′ 4″ frame that’s no small amount. I knew clothes weren’t fitting but I didn’t step on the scale until late December. I had never seen that high a number and was shocked. Being that it was coming up on January I contemplated the classic new year’s resolution of loosing weight.

I have counted calories before and just been cranky, not making progress in terms of loosing weight. I end up feeling hungry and restricted, so would crack at some point eating my weight in ice cream.

The first week in January we went to a friends house and ended up talking about food and weight. My friend had been on Trim Healthy Mama since October and was loving it. Her emotions were more even and she overall felt better, plus weight loss.

That night I went home and bought the e-book. It took me three days to read, its a 500 page book but I couldn’t put it down. Each part made sense and I couldn’t wait to start. So in a stroke of either brilliance or stupidity I started the following Monday. The same Monday I was starting a new job.

The first week I was tired and cranky due to sugar detox and being tired from my new job but I stuck with it. I saw small improvements in my blood sugar stability and so it gave me hope!¬†Skipping forward four months I have evened out my blood sugar and lost 20 lbs.¬†(Wow, that sounds like an infomercial tagline) Honestly though, the plan has worked for me and I want to share it with you. Not as a “you should join to” but some principles and delicious recipes that anyone can eat and enjoy.

I will not claim to be an expert on the plan, I just know how to make it work for me. Please visit for more details and to get the book.