Favorite: Me Too by Meghan Trainer

This has been stuck in my head for the last two weeks. Super catchy and just makes you want to move. Take a Friday break and have a dance party!


Favorite: Glowing Green Smoothie

Photo Credit: kimberlysnyder.com

Photo Credit: kimberlysnyder.com

A few weeks ago I heard about Kimberly Snyder’s Glowing Green Smoothie from Amy on The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey podcast. I looked it up and while I try to generally have more protein in my smoothie I decided to try it out.

I tried it with the intention of getting extra greens, I’m not the best at eating salad and so greens are often lacking in my diet. Thus the Glowing Green Smoothie came into play! I like the low sugar/candida version better due to the cucumber, apple, lemon flavor. It’s been great to up my nutrients due to lots of spinach and romaine but an unexpected benefit has been slightly clearer skin. Since being a teenager, I’ve struggled with various forms and levels of acne. This means that I’ve kind of resigned myself to have spots on my face most of the time. However since drinking the Glowing Green Smoothie they have diminished significantly! Not to say I have perfectly clear skin but it is much better.

Kimberly Snyder says that this smoothie has many benefits including increased energy and weight loss. I cannot speak to these claims.

On top of that, I started sugar detox a few days after starting to drink Glowing Green Smoothie, which traditionally has resulted in a breakout. Not this time, I didn’t notice an increase in spots or any significant change in my skins texture such as dullness or dryness. During this time I have continued my same skincare routine and the Glowing Green Smoothie has been the only consistent change.

Vitamins and minerals from dark leafy greens + clearer skin + refreshing drink in the morning = yes please!

A few random tips I have learned:

  • Test which vegetables you like. I discovered that I love cucumber and very much dislike celery.
  • Blend a second time. Any of the Glow Green Smoothie version make more than one serving. Thus I have been making a batch in the evening, dividing into our Ninja single verse cups and storing in the refrigerator (GGS is good for 2-3 days). In the morning, I blend the individual cup. (This might not be necessary with a Vitamix) This allows the greens to kind of soften overnight and gives a better more smoothie-like texture, less like water and spinach blended 😛 .

Favorite: Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick

I recently purchased the Bite Beauty Spring Fling set, which features the new Amuse Bouche formula. This has totally solidified my love for Bite Beauty! Please Sephora, just take my money!

The set includes three mini amuse bouche lipsticks, a full-size primer, small mirror and cute travel bag which. The three minis are gazpacho (blue toned red), beetroot (bold berry) and verbena (rose terracotta). I have reached for verbena everyday since I receiving the set. This is no small statement since I am often a chapstick kind of girl, lipstick is generally for special occasions. However, Verbena, in particular, is the perfect lipstick for everyday wear, its an easy and not overwhelming color but clear that you have a bit of something on your lips. It adds to a polished simple look or balances out a more dramatic eye makeup. The Amuse Bouche formula is lightweight, decently long wearing and comes off evenly. I generally don’t notice I have it on my lips after application. While it won’t last through all of dinner, I can go all morning while sipping water before having to touch up.

While I am proclaiming my love of Bite Beauty, I want to give a shout out to the Matte Creme Lip Crayon. My lips are often very dry and these crayons allow me to be a part of the matte lip trend without creating a desert. I have found that they last longer however I notice they are on my lips (unlike the Amuse Bouche formula). I currently only have Pastille but I expect Sephora to receive more of my money shortly as to get a few more colors.

Friday Favorite: Green Chef

My brother-in-law recently changed jobs and now is at the amazing meal delivery service Green Chef. Thus when I got an email that they were delivering to the Pacific Northwest I immediately signed up for the trial offer ($26.98 for three dinners for two/$4.50 a serving! – click here for the offer). Each box is delivered to your doorstep packed with delicious produce and meat. The food is all USDA organic and the meals make sure to utilize the colorful produce. For example, this last week had a steak dish accompanied by a slaw made from broccoli stems, carrots, red onion, fennel, red pepper, and parsley topped with a creamy dressing. Delicious, filling, colorful, and summer-like. Every item delivered is color coded to match the recipe card. It is also correctly portioned, so if you only need 1 tsp of a spice for a meal you don’t have to buy the whole bottle!

You can customize the box to be vegetarian, omnivore (some vegetarian, some meat), carnivore (meat with each meal), gluten free, paleo, and the newest plan vegan. Omnivore and carnivore allow you pick what types of meat you would like to receive. Each of the plans varies in price slightly to account for the ingredients. We have tried omnivore and carnivore (on accident), but even when each meal has a meat focus there are lots of veggies.

Since the trial week we have changed the delivery scheduled to once a month. Thus we have had six dinners from Green Chef so far and most all have been hits. Those we have liked less are due to small personal preferences such as a dislike of green olives or how spicy a sauce was. Really good for what I expected! My absolute favorite meal so far was a pesto-ricotta flatbread pizza with salad (picture above). It was creamy, delicious and a meal I would never think to make.

My favorite parts of Green Chef are fewer decisions and cooking special meals together.

The week a box arrives I only have to decide do we want meal 1, 2, or 3 for dinner. No need to meal plan the entire week. Its simple and easy.

Its also nice to have laid out instructions. This means we can easily make dinner in the kitchen together or one read while the other chops. Green Chef has become our own version of date night; we get to spend time together, cook together, and experience a new dish together.

Disclosure: Yes, by brother-in-law works for Green Chef and I heard about it through him. All opinions are my own and it is one of my favorite products, I would use it if he worked there or not. This post contains some affiliate links. When you buy something through one of my links, I get a small credit. That means that at no extra cost to yourself, you can help me pay the cost of running this site. Thank you for your support!

Favorite: Halo Top Creamery


I’m always on the hunt for no or low sugar treats. I had heard tell of Halo Top ice cream but couldn’t find it in Bellingham. It claimed to be low calorie, low fat, low sugar and high protein (6 grams per 1/2 cup) while still tasting delicious. Of course I was interested in trying it. It got to the point of nearly obsessive so on a trip to the Oregon coast we stopped at five grocery stores in search of it. We were greeted by four cleared shelves. Thanks to New Seasons Market in Tualitn we gleefully purchased chocolate, vanilla, and lemon cake. (The pints helped us get through Portland rush hour traffic)


I was instantly hooked.

Recently Whole Foods opened in Bellingham and I was able to try strawberry. I am impatiently waiting for mint chip, birthday cake, and chocolate mocha chip to return to stock!

Chocolate tastes like Häagen-Dazs chocolate and the vanilla is exactly like Bryer’s vanilla bean. Lemon cake is my favorite so far, its acidic, fruity and smooth yet not at all sour.

In short, Halo Top ice cream tastes like Breyer’s, Häagen-Dazs, and other normal delicious ice cream yet with a fraction of the sugar.

Update: Mint chip is amazing as well, tying for my favorite flavor.

January Favorites

The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey

This is a refreshing podcast with a wonderful Christian lady. I found out the show from my amazing sister-in-law Hannah and it’s amazing! She brings on bloggers, writers, podcasters and many others. The goal is to feel like you are sitting at happy hour with girlfriends and Jesse accomplishes that. It’s happy hour with friends that makes me happier!

Brown ankle boots

My brother-in-law very kindly gave me these boots for Christmas and I’m not sure if they have left my feet since. Very comfortable and great for my daily workplace. Also I’m 5’4″ so the moderate heel is nice as well.

Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook

My husband and I follow the Trim Healthy Mama eating plan. (See my other posts on the subject) A revised book came out in September 2015 along with a beautiful cookbook and I have loved it ever since. The recipes are easy, delicious and I have yet to find a true dud. Yes there are some recipes I like less but that’s about it. In short its totally worth $16 and delicious no matter whether you follow THM or not. If you are still undecided try Lazy Lasagna as a sneak  peak 🙂

November Favorites

Rose Salve
Being that it has become winter, my lips have gotten incredibly chapped. Painfully so, this also means that lipstick or color is impossible to wear. Thick nourishing rose salve has been the only lip product to heal my lips. Over the last few weeks, I have been religiously using it and it has made an incredible difference. Seriously, its $6 pick some up on your next Sephora trip.

The Great British Baking Show
Ready. Set. Bake! Wonderful British accents and lovely looking food. The competitors are nice and don’t backstab, it’s a “reality” competition show without the nastiness between people. Please go find it on Netflix, a wonderful way to spend a dark cold evening. However beware snacks are required when watching, you will want to eat all the delicious pies, tarts, cakes and breads.

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Instant Oatmeal Mask
My skin has been recently unhappy about the switch to colder weather. Just ten minute with this mask, my dry flakey skin is hydrated and my acne is calmed. This will definitely be a favorite during the cold weather. Thank you to Ashley from That Is All for the original recommendation.