Reading Nook: May 2016

The Fringe Hours by Jessica Turner

I am rereading the Fringe Hours after hearing her on some new podcasts. She has a bubbly voice and is fun to listen to, the same goes for writing while still getting to the point. The Fringe Hours is sprinkled and punctuated with personal stories from Jessica and women surveyed for the book. I expect to reread this book many times throughout life as a reminder that its ok to say no, I don’t need a perfect spotless kitchen and that mindless Netflix watching doesn’t fill me up.

What’s Best Next by Matthew Aaron Perman

I started this on the recommendation of a friend and it very much falls into the productivity/career books. I appreciate how this book flips and starts with why productivity is important compared to so many fo the same genre that just starts with how to get more done.

The Royal We by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan

Second reread for the month but sometimes you need old familiar books. We are planning a trip to see family over Memorial Day weekend and I always love reading cheesy fiction on such trips. Such books help escape normal life and enjoy the vacation more. I originally read this after the author appeared on The Lively Show podcast (noticing a podcast theme) and it seemed like a fun premise, William and Kate but not. The US is fascinated with the British royal family and its very clean in the book, fun to imagine what their lives could be.

Reading Nook is a monthly series about what I am reading that month and my recommendations.


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