Why I Paint My Nails…

About one year ago I decided make painting my nails part of my normal beauty routine. Before that point I would paint my nails every once in a while but not too frequently and the polish never stayed on too long. Also I wasn’t very good so I generally ended up picking at the nails in an attempt to fix the messy parts but inevitably chipping the polish in an unflattering manner.

However after painting my nails consistently for a month or so I realized some unexpected effects and reasons why I have continued to put the time toward the endeavor. First, my nails were better because I didn’t mess with them as much. While I might try and clean up stray polish I didn’t chew or pick at my actual nails, giving them a chance to grow and strengthen.

Second, I felt more put together with painted nails. Growing up I thought my aunt was the epitome  of cosmopolitan sophistication. This in part was due to her long blonde hair that was stylishly curled and her acrylic nails. I remember her playing the piano with us and the nails clicking along on the keys. While I never had a desire for fake nails, painted nailes equaled glamour in my small mind. Now days I found that I can have no makeup on but if my nails are done I will feel pulled together.

Over this time of incorporating nail care into my beauty routine, I have learned a few tips for the process of painting my nails:

Top coats matter

Nails Inc 45 Second Top Coat with Kensington Caviar is my current favorite because it helps dry the nails quickly. Within a minute (45 seconds to be exact) the nail polish is dry to the touch. Please note they aren’t completely dry, if you accidentally hit your hand on the edge of your desk it will ding and smudge the setting polish. (Not that I did that recently 🙂 ) A good top coat makes the difference between a color for 2 days and a color for 5-7 days.

Quality of polish matters

I love Julep nail polish! (get your free box here) The colors are ever evolving and the quality is great. I also like that they are free of some of the harshest chemicals found in many traditional nail polishes.

Practice makes perfect

When I first started painting my nails consistently I stuck to pale and neutral colors as to not show mistakes as readily. However as I have become better at painting and more confident, my willingness to experiment with color has expanded. In December I painted my nails cherry red and loved it!

Do you keep your nails painted? What makes you feel put together and sophisticated?

Disclosure: This post contains some affiliate links. When you buy something through one of my links, I get a small commission or credit. That means that at no extra cost to yourself, you can help me pay the cost of running this site. Thank you for your support!


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