Inkwell Press 2016

Important Note: Inkwell Press is currently sold out of their LiveWell planners. Because of being a small business and doing print runs they are only in stock a few times a year, however other products like their quarterly planners are available. Also, there is a talk of a imperfect planner sale in January. Make sure to follow Inkwell Press on Instagram and their email list for details.

Hint hint, using my referral link gets you $10 off a purchase of $50 or more 🙂

Though my entire job is online and digital based I have found over the years that I love old fashioned paper planners. They fit better for my brain and my desire to write a few too many lists.

Last year Ashley from makeupTIA shared her Inkwell Press LiveWell planner and it was love at first sight. At the time I was using the Day Designer and while I loved the planner daily pages were too much for me. I only have a few scheduled appointments or meetings a week so half a page for appointments each day was a little much for me.

Thus I was looking for a 2016 planner with monthly and weekly layouts. Inkwell Press has two layouts: flex (horizontal) and classic (vertical). I chose flex because I’m not a fan of long columns but I’ve been beautiful planners with both layouts.

Things I love:

  • Paper quality – everyone mentions this with the Inkwell Press planner but its true. The paper is so thick and beautiful, sharpie pens don’t bleed through and I don’t think pages will fall out due to wear.
  • Beautiful design – peak at the photos below and you will see how lovely the colors are. The color schemes rotate between four designs but the general mission board and gradient stay the same.
  • Fits your style – the Inkwell Press planner can fit so many personalities and styles. Some gals will decorate with stickers and calligraphy while others will just stick with a black pen. Check out #inkwellpress and #inkwellpressplanner on Instagram for hundreds of images of inspiration. My to do list placement came from Tanya and her amazing Instagram posts.

Things I’m not as keen on:

  • Price – the planner is $54 plus shipping and after using it I think its totally worth it. However when you are hesitant to take the leap and not sure its a big price tag. As mentioned earlier I think the quality is worth it and the price is comparable to other planners like Erin Condren and Day Designer. But if you are coming from Target planner prices, then its a jump.

Disclosure: This post contains some affiliate links. When you buy something through one of my links, I get a small commission or credit. That means that at no extra cost to yourself, you can help me pay the cost of running this site. Thank you for your support!



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