What’s In My Bag?


I carry a Dagne Dover Mini Tote as my everyday work bag. Don’t let mini in the name fool you, its my largest purse at 13x5x11. Unlike most tote style bags, Dagne Dover specializes in organization and compartments. The Mini Tote has a padded tablet sleeve, slot for my phone and pens, water bottle holder, two smaller open pockets and a larger zippered pocket. All of these space allow me to hold a substantial amount of stuff without losing anything and distributing the weight effectively.

Please note that I only carry this three blocks a day and that’s it. If I plan on carrying my purse for an extended period of time I remove items as to not strain my back or shoulders

I manage to fit….

My Dagne Dover bag is in the coated canvas so withstands the rainy Pacific Northwest weather. My only qualm is the price, it is in the $200+ range and so you have you be sure you really want it and would use such a bag. However I purchased mine off of Poshmark for significantly less and in amazing condition. (Use the code PSUBS for $10 off when you download the app)

Overall I really like the bag and would recommend it.

Disclosure: This post contains some affiliate links. When you buy something through one of my links, I get a small commission or credit. That means that at no extra cost to yourself, you can help me pay the cost of running this site. Thank you for your support!


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