Holiday To Do List

Fudge day or Christmas baking
The first Saturday in December a friend’s family makes fudge. Not just one batch and not just one kind. Hundreds of pieces of hand dipped fudge. Last year my husband and I had the opportunity to join. It is a blissfully long day of stirring hot fudge, making peanut brittle, finishing the candy and having dinner. Lots of Christmas music and far too much sugar. The countdown has begun to December 5th.

Christmas shopping
Due to our Christmas budget and sheer number of gifts to purchase, I often shop online. Amazon packages arrive at our house multiple times a week. However, I like to take one day and go wander around the mall. I take my list but don’t get stressed if I don’t find anything. It is simply fun to see all the decorations and exciting displays.

Peppermint hot chocolate
Last year my mom and I trekked to Bellevue Square for Snowflake Lane. It is a parade/performance on the street between two malls complete with a snow machine at the end of the evening. While I think a 6-year-old would have enjoyed it more than I did, I loved spending time with my mom and drinking peppermint hot chocolate. This year we are looking for another Christmas-y activity to do together.

Muppet Christmas Carol
In my family, Christmas starts the afternoon of Thanksgiving when we watch Muppet Christmas Carol. We sing along and recite the lines (much to my brother’s frustration). I love the tradition and hilarity of it all.

Knitting and cheesy movies
I knit all year round but during the holidays the number of projects often increase due to Christmas gifts. Cold, rainy evenings I will put on an awfully cheesy Netflix Christmas movie and knit. They are very poor quality movies but it makes me smile and I will knit for hours.

First snow
I am hoping and praying for a white Christmas, but I won’t be disappointed if snow arrives in January. I despise driving in snow (or heavy rain for that matter) but nothing beats a cup of hot coffee and looking out the window onto a perfectly white quiet scene.


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