These Are a Few Of My Favorite Things – July 22

These are a few of my favorite things (1)

1. Homemade Greek yogurt

I recently learned how to make Greek yogurt. When eating on Trim Healthy Mama, Greek yogurt is a favorite snack and I got through quite a bit. However Greek yogurt isn’t the cheapest option. Now by making it at home I get 64oz of super thick delicious for $2.

2. Fight song (cover by Evyanne Hollens)

This wonderful song has been stuck in my head since Evyanne released the video. Very catchy and I love the lyrics.

3. Julep’s Ali nail polish

A beautiful Tiffany blue color that perfectly embodies summer to me. Colorful while still being muted enough for the office.

4. The Lively Show postcast

I started listening to the podcast when host Jess C Lively had a few of my favorite bloggers on. Now she gives me new blog or books read! Great format and very easy to listen to, I look forward every week to a new episode.

5. Acure Organic Facial Cleanser Gel

Kind of funny to put a face wash in my favorite but I have been loving it. This gel is super gentle and very natural, it smells great without synthetic fragrance. My skin is sensitive, combination and acne prone. The facial cleanser has calmed my skin and cleans without my skin feeling tight.

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